Santi's Notes


Hey, Welcome To My Mind!

I’m Santi. I’m so glad you found my notes, they are a series of concise and highly interconnected ideas. You are about to see my thinking process into all types of topics such as:

Visual Representation

This is what this system currently looks like:

How To Navigate These Notes?

You can start by exploring

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where you’ll find links to different recurring topics. From there follow the connections and explore all types of ideas.

How Many Notes Are We Talking About?

Right now, this system consists of 120 Notes.

Here you can see a full list

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How Is This Made?

If you want to learn how to create your own system, I can teach you, the advantages are:

I’m currently offering consulting calls, where I help you develop a functional productivity system for your creative work. Contact me to learn more.

Here are some links to the amazing open-source tools I use...

I use org-mode together with org-roam in Spacemacs to write and organize everything. I export everything to this website with ox-hugo, with the help of the Hugo theme: Cortex made by Jethro Kuan, which is inspired on Andy’s Matuschak Notes.

Enjoy your stay!